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Topics: Retailing, Marketing, Developed country Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Purpose: This paper is to identify and explain the in-store shopping environment effects that drive consumers’ impulse buying decisions.
Methodology: Primary data is collected from 100 randomly selected shoppers in Abbottabad and Islamabad. Descriptive data analysis along with test of significance was applied to analyze data. Findings: Results indicate that presence of an enjoyable, pleasant and attractive in-store shopping environment increases the chances of impulsive buying among consumers. Research Limitation: The sample size for the current research is very small and is geographically limited to Abbottabad and Islamabad. A larger sample with data collection from other cities may produce different results.

Practical Implications: A proper mix of both promotional and atmospheric factors can help retailers to increase their sales and profits through consumers’ impulse buying actions. Originality of Research: The current research is among the very few studies on consumers’ impulse buying in Pakistan. It will extend the horizons of impulse buying from developed countries like USA to least studied developing countries like Pakistan. It provides new insights to producers and retailers in Pakistan. Thus, enables them to develop strategies for more sales and profits through consumers’ impulse buying behaviors.

Keywords: Impulse Buying, Shopping Environment, Buying Behavior, Point-of-Purchase 1. Introduction
Impulse buying is an ever-present and unique side of consumers’ routine. In marketing research impulse buying behavior is a mystery marked as deviation from standard buying behavior together by the literature and the consumers, and it is the impulse buying behavior that explains huge sales of various products every year around the globe (Kollat and Willet, 1967; Bellenger et al., 1978; Weinberg and Gottwald, 1982; Cobb and Hoyer, 1986; Rook and Fisher, 1995; Hausman, 2000).

Impulse buying behavior is known as a momentous happening in the retail settings....
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