Environmental Science Exam

Topics: Water, Energy Pages: 12 (2408 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Week 6 Pre-Test
Question 1
Which of the following statements is false?

e. Motor vehicles are second only to industry as a source of air pollution in the U.S. Question 2
It is risky for companies to invest in renewable energy because:
d. Subsidies and tax breaks have to be renewed by the government every few years. Question 3
Which three states in the USA have the potential to provide enough usable wind power to supply the entire country’s electricity needs?
b. North Dakota, Kansas, and Texas
Question 4
The advance and retreat of ice sheets

d. happened most recently about 18,000 years ago over much of the northern hemispheres and caused alternating periods of heating and cooling Question 5
All of the following statements about solid biomass are correct except
e. it can lead to deforestation
Question 6
The Colorado River system can be said to provide water and electricity for
a. one of every ten people in the United States
Question 7
To reduce flooding risks, an environmentalist is most likely to choose
a. floodplain management
Question 8
President Barack Obama wants the United States to

e. lead the way in creating a new international agreement on climate change and reduce our carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 Question 9
Genetic resistance to antibiotics has

d. two of these answers are correct
Question 10
The scientists, with enough data,

d. would not be able to prove or disprove a correlation between the butterfly populations and hot springs Question 11
Because root systems at different depths in a given area of soil capture nutrients and soil efficiently we can say that
b. polyculture lessens the need for fertilizer and water
Question 12
The atomic number is the number of

b. protons in an atom
Question 13
Obstacles to recycling include

d. all of these answers
Question 14
Which of the following is accurate with regards to the balance of nature hypothesis?
b. It is the historically held equilibrium model of succession in which, once achieved, a climax community will be dominated by a few long-lived plant species. Question 15
Point sources of pollution

c. are cheaper and easier to identify than nonpoint sources Question 16
Worldwide, about 70% of the water withdrawn each year is used for
c. irrigation of croplands and raising livestock
Question 17
AIDS has reduced the life expectancy of the 750 million people living in sub-Saharan Africa by
d. 15 to 20 years
Question 18
World oil supplies and prices are expected to be controlled long-term by
Question 19
Salt buildup may

d. eventually make the land unproductive
Question 20
A sequence of organisms, each of which serves as a source of nutrients or energy for the next, is called a/an
b. food chain
Question 21
Insect-eating warblers reduce interspecific competition by which of the following?
d. They spend a significant portion of their time foraging for insects in different parts of the same trees. Question 22
At least half of the known species of terrestrial plants and animals are found in:
c. Tropical rainforests only.
Question 23
Between the first warnings about CFCs from the scientific community and a response to reduce CFCs from the political community there was a ____-year lag.
d. fourteen
Question 24
The majority of commercial energy comes from

e. nonrenewable energy resources from the earth’s crust Question 25
The purpose of generating steam within a nuclear power plant reactor core is, like other energy producing systems, to
b. turn a turbine which generates electricity
Question 26
An increase in the number of polar bears seen visiting human settlements indicates that
b. More limited hunting is driving the bears to seek food in human settlements more frequently. Question 27
A tree harvesting method that involves cutting intermediate-aged or mature trees singly or in...
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