Environmental science chapter 1 notes

Topics: Sustainability, Natural environment, Sustainable development Pages: 4 (767 words) Published: October 17, 2013
Chapter 1: Environmental Problems, Their Causes, and Sustainability Exponential Growth
A quantity increases at a fixed percentage per unit of time (2% per year) There are too many people in the world- causes poor to deplete nature Cause premature extinction of species (.1-1% each year)

Living more Sustainably
Environmental Science: Study of how the earth works, how we interact with the earth, and how to deal with environmental problems Ecology: relationship between living organisms and their environment Environmentalism: social movement dedicated to protecting earth Sustainability: ability of earths various systems to survive and adapt to a changing environment 5 sub subthemes for book

1. Natural capital: natural resources and services that keep us alive and support economies Solar capital: energy from the sun
2. Many human activities degrade natural capital
Use natural resources faster than nature can renew them
3. Solutions
4. Trade offs
5. Individuals matter
Sound Science: concepts widely accepted by experts in particular field Environmentally Sustainable Societies: meets basic resource needs of its people without depleting natural capital Living sustainably: living off natural income that gets replenished Population Growth, Economic Growth, Economic Development

Human population growth slowing but still rapid
Still has exponential growth
Economic growth: increase in capacity of country to give people goods and services Measured by change in GDP
Economic development
Improvement of human living standards by economic growth
Developing countries have more growth than developed
Environmentally Sustainable economic development: use political and economical systems to encourage good environmental change Rule of 70
70/percentage growth rate=doubling time in years
anything obtained from the environment to meet needs or wants Perpetual resource: renewed continuously
Renewable resource: can be replenished rapidly...
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