Employee Record System

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Chapter 1
1.1 Background

This project named “Employee Record System” is mainly based on the Menu driven program for elementary database management. It employ all the basic concept or technique of the dot net and database. The main purpose of this project is to do the basic operation with the data or information of the employee who are works for the particular organization.

This project let you do the basic operation with the data or information of the employee such as to show the employee information, edit the information of the employee, add the newly entered employee who are attending the job recently and delete the information of the employee. This project is one of the examples of the implementation of features of dot net and MS Access.

1.2 Statement of the problem

There is drastic change in the fields of science and technology. Technology has advanced so much in the last decade or two that it has made life more efficient and comfortable. It also affects the office sector and management system and makes it easier and convenient to do the internal, external even all kind of work of the office and management. Regarding the employee there may exist complication to record, update and delete the information of the employee in any working institute. In many office or institute there system operated manually by group of people. Therefore there arises a problem so we need to do that job in systematic manner which we have tried to implement with our system. In the office there is lots of employee if we need to do the correction of the data or information of the employee or if we need the information of the particular employee of the office then it is tedious, boring, difficult to search the file for that particular employee in any recoded file or in the paper where they were written. In that situation application of system will be more useful. By entering the simple data we can get the information of employee, we can update and even we can delete the information of the employee without any complication which is easier and convenient.

1.3 Project objective:

To show, add, edit and delete the data or information of the employee To make the institution’s employee information secure
To make it easier and convenient than paper work
To control the office management system in systematic way

1.4 Scope and limitation:

This application can be used by any organization that has basic employee management system. In our system update is not available so we can’t update the information of the employee.

Chapter 2

Information Technology has revolutionized that life of human beings has made easier by the various kind of applications in the light of rapid changes with the use of Technology. Technologies and systems have been produced and invented various and many kind of tools. In the modern world, people are too busy with their work so if there are many processes taken place at a same time within a place there is needs for integration of all the processes, creation of paperless environment also ensures efficient task management. The purpose of having the computer based system helps to increase the market share and it is very easy to use. This project is concern with developing the Employee Management System using General Purpose High Level Language i.e. DOT NET and MS-ACCESS. In this system the employee management becomes more efficient and easier to handle with the reliable system components.


3.1 Project methodology:
To achieve the goal we apply following methods; they are as follows:

3.2 Problem studied:
Every project is initialized either to resolve existing problem or to improve existing system. This project has been initiated with the goal of gathering separate feature of Dot Net frame work using C# to reduced existing problem. Understanding...

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