Effective Teaching Methods Speech

Topics: Education, Learning, History of education Pages: 4 (1188 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Hello my name is (Students name) and I am here today to inform you about different types of teaching methods used today and which methods are the most effective. Knowing different types of teaching methods and which are most effective is important because these are things that we use every single day. Whether it is in school, home, or business, we are constantly either being taught or teaching. As a mother, student, and future educator I have the credentials to speak about this topic and discern which teaching methods are best. In today’s world with such competitive job markets and education, it is necessary to be able to recall what one has learned. We use learning techniques and methods every day, all of the time and since the way that we learn is so important it is necessary to know which method of teaching is best in order to learn the most that we can. The methods considered the most successful may not work the best for everyone. Some methods may work for one student that may not work for another. Now, you may be wondering what teaching methods I am talking about. There are many different ways in which someone can teach. The person teaching may lecture, ask the learner to read, provide audio and/or visual aids, demonstrations, group discussions, practice, and by teaching others. Transition: Different countries and parts of the world use different methods to teach individuals. Main Point 1: In a study conducted by James Hiebert and Robert Barkley, the countries in which scored the highest in international testing were Japan, China, Czech Republic, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Australia.

These countries all scored significantly higher in international math testing than the United States. In those countries there are a few teaching methods present that are absent from the United States teaching methods. 1. The higher the score on the international test, the more the countries teaching method varied from that in the United States. 2. In order for...
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