Ta1 Role Responsibilities and Boundaries in the Teaching and Learning Cycle

Topics: Educational psychology, Skill, Learning Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Karen Perry

TA1: Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be in terms of the teaching and learning cycle.

Delivering training requires me to impart up to date legislative information alongside best practice guidance to support high quality childcare in nurseries and child care facilities across the county. Most of this training is delivered in the form of work-shops; short courses which tend to be more directed than participatory. However occasionally I will be expected to deliver a training that may be full-day or even a course of two or three days. My responsibility, as a professional and representative, is to use my working knowledge of the learners and their practice and identify how best to meet their needs. This may come from the results of Ofsted inspections, observations of practice through regular visits or, their requests for further information. It is important to identify the learner’s needs and expectations when setting the aims and learning objectives for the workshop to ensure the training is relevant. It is possible to make adjustments and modify the learning to accommodate any prior learning if this is established at the beginning. An ice breaker may help to determine this. When considering the teaching methods and learning activities it is important to understand the way in which learners learn. Because people learn in different ways, visually, auditory and kinaesthetically training should encompass a range of teaching methods and learning activities. Where a variety of learning opportunities are presented in training the planning is essential. I need to make sure that the venue and the resources required are available, that there are sufficient resources for the amount of learners attending. Also, that there is adequate space for them to be used appropriately and comfortably. Having a variety of delivery options and learning activities could also provide a back up if equipment should fail or a learner has a...
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