Editorial Writing

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Editorial Writing [Exploring issues using the process writing approach]

The Editorial Page
*The editorial page of any newspaper is the VOICE of the editorial staff and the readers. *It expresses the opinion of whatever the management of the publication feels in relation to the present occasion.

Objectives of an Editorial
*To explain and interpret the news, to put it in on its proper perspective, to analyze it, to draw conclusions from that analysis and *To persuade the readers to follow a course of action that the newspaper believes is for the public good regardless of party interests involved

Functions of an Editorial Writer
*Explaining the news
*Filling the background
*Forecasting the future
*Passing moral judgment

Principles of Editorial Writing
The code of principles emphasizes the scientific method in arriving at and presenting the TRUTH. *The editorial writer should present facts honestly and fully. *The editorial writer should draw objective conclusions from the stated facts, basing them upon the weight of evidence and upon his considered concept of the greatest good. *The editorial writer should never be motivated by personal interest, nor use his influence to seek special favors for himself or for others. *The editorial writer should realize that he is not infallible. *The editorial writer should regularly review his own conclusions in the light of all obtainable information. *The editorial writer should have the courage of well-founded conviction and democratic philosophy of life. *The editorial writer should support his colleagues in their adherence to highest standards of profession integrity.

Types of Editorial
*Informative – are those which just give information, review, or announce certain facts or events.
Example:The Need for Population Education
Poverty, high cost of living, school crisis, lack of job opportunities confront common people. Millions of children are victims of under-nourishment and deficiency diseases that shorten their life and harm their mental development. Due to the failure of parents to send all their children to school, illiteracy rates are high and are still increasing.

Many of us have these problems. But very few are aware that excessive population growth is responsible for these pressures as well as for the lowering of the quality of human resources and development, especially as regards educational standards.

The inclusion of Population Education in the school curriculum is then the answer to the need of the younger crop who are bound to face the reality of parenthood in the near future.
Basic cultural values concerning the individual, his family, the society, and the nation can be effectively brought in to the extent desired through population education.
Finally, creating an awareness about population is a challenge that Philippine education has to face right now. For time is against us. And time-wasting is resource-wasting.
This idea will help in adopting a small family norm and will insure good health for the mother, better welfare of the children, economic stability of the family, and a bright future for the continuing generations.

*Interpretative – those which explain or bring out the significance of an event, situation, or idea
Example:Attitude Towards Study
We are in school because we want to learn. Our study is for our own benefit and not to accommodate someone else. As such we have to relate it to our own aims or ambitions in life.
We should not think of study merely in terms of quizzes, recitations, homework, term papers and reports. Putting a valuation upon it in terms of five, ten or twenty years from now will give it more meaning to us.

The facts, ideas, and principles we acquire now are the stuff with which we will do our thinking in the future. Let’s remember, too, that how we learn is sometimes more important than what we learn. An efficient working method will serve us throughout life, but many of...
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