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EENV101 Environmental Engineering Course Orientation
Dr. Liza Bautista - Patacsil

Environmental Engineering
The division of engineering concerned with the environment and management of natural resources. The environmental engineer places special attention on the biological, chemical, and physical reactions in the air, land, and water environments and on improved technology for integrated management systems, including reuse, recycling, and recovery measures.

Environmental Engineering
How did it began?

Definition: (ASCE) Environmental Engineering
...the proper disposal or recycle of wastewater and solid
wastes; the adequate drainage of urban and rural areas for proper sanitation; and the control of water, soil and atmospheric pollution, and the social and environmental impact of these solutions.

• • • • • • Air Water Land/Soil Noise pollution Thermal pollution Radiation pollution

Furthermore, It is concerned with engineering problems
in the field of public health, such as control of arthropodborn diseases, the elimination of industrial health hazards, and the provision of adequate sanitation in both urban, rural and recreational areas, and the effect of technological advancement on the environment. (1977)



Operational terms in the definitions of Pollution
• The unnatural presence of a poison or hazardous material • …not naturally-occurring • Man-made (anthropogenic) • …changes the natural environment • Impairs the environment in performing its intended task • Leads to the destruction of the ability of the environment to perform its intended function in the future.

Conservation vs. Protection
• Two very different schools of thought • “Protection” was aimed towards the absolute nondisturbance/non-use of the environment • Conservation became acceptable when we realized that the human population was part of the ecological balance and that our survival depended heavily on our ability to maintain this balance.

Disciplines in Environmental Engineering
• • • • • Air pollution control Water and Wastewater management Solid waste management Toxic and hazardous waste management Environmental Management

Current Events: Taal Lake fishkill 2011

What caused the fish kill?
• Fishkills may be caused by: – Oxygen depletion – Toxins, man-made and natural – Natural changes in water currents that bring about any one or both of the above

The Taal Fishkill Countdown
• The period of November to April, lake and air currents are cold which allows better dissolution of oxygen into the water. • During this period, the strong winds create strong water currents which stir the lake water and bring down oxygen-rich surface water to the deeper parts of the lake. Note that Taal lake is around 172 meters at its deepest point.



The Taal Fishkill Countdown
• Starting April, the wind velocity slows, currents weaken and dissolved oxygen (DO) stratifies by depth. • Summer heat kicks in which drastically reduces the solubility of oxygen at the surface.

The Taal Fishkill Countdown
• Oxygen is depleted at the bottom of the lake due to the heat and lack of strong water currents. • Aquatic organisms and microorganisms that thrived on uneaten fish feeds and fish waste during the period of good mixing now have to contend with insufficient DO.

The Taal Fishkill Countdown
• The summer heat continues and further depletes the lakes DO until the bottom layers cannot support fish. • To make matters worse, the anoxic water may create an opportunity for anaerobic microbes to produce toxins such as hydrogen sulfide.

The Taal Fishkill Countdown
• A strong downpour signifying the start of the rainy season brings in cold rainwater which is more dense than the warm lake water causing an inversion. • The inversion brings up warm anoxic...
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