E-commerce Business Plan

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Business Plan

Pure Eastern Touch !!!

Kurta Collections

Region: Asia Pacific Country: Pakistan
Province: Punjab
City: Lahore

Our Vision
“In Eastern Look We are committed to promote our culture and traditional dressing with new eastern touch” Our Mission
“Is to lead the industry with greater level of customers satisfaction”

Business Plan
Hierarchy Guides the Work

This product is in line with our business objectives goals and the main business plan. As we are committed to spread and develop cultural harmony and awareness through our traditional dress codes with a new look that promote the eastern look in our fashion industry which is now a day’s adopting pure western look. We hope to be successful in achieving our business goals as stated in our vision and mission statement. Actually we want see our name in every nook and corner of the area through our premium quality stuff, durability that satisfy our present and potential customers and not merely this but a brand loyalty. This actually fits with our business plan as we plan our business:-- Keep alive the dying culture and promote the traditions and values in society considering it as a Cooperate Social Responsibility. Not to be profit oriented organization on the basis of sales volume but on the basis of customer satisfaction. To Produce Premium Quality Products.

To Create Brand Loyalty. Trust of the Masses in our Products. Steps to be Completed and Deadlines
Research and Statistical Analysis.30-05-2012.
Group Meeting and Decisions on the basis of Market Research and Situational Analysis. 01-06-2012
Meeting Agenda Data Analysis 07-06-2012
Development Strategy and Basic Decisions 10-06-2012
Cost and Benefit Analysis?
Risk Involved
Business Revenue Model?
Developing the website.

Decision Making Areas in Website Development
1. Decisions about technology, site design and social information policies that will be applied in your site. 2. Decisions about sites hardware, software and telecommunication infrastructure. Planning Steps

Step 1. Pieces of E-commerce Site Building:

Step 2. SDLC (System Development Life Cycle).
Purpose of SDLC:--

Continuous Availability
Design for Scalability
Build in management for end to end delivery
Plan for growth
Design Pages for high speed performance
Understand and optimize workload on system.

Steps involved in SDLC

System Analysis
Systems Design
Building the System

Group Meeting to Finalize Plan Implementation. 12-06-2012
This Business Plan is shared and communicated to all executive with reasonable clarity via electronic mail, copies through mail and in scheduled meetings.

The company mission statement is to be in the business to which we call the business with traditions because of the increasing trend of the masses towards fashion industry. We focus on the Pakistan as the area for doing business is very vast and environment is conducive in the fashion industry. We found a lot of room and flexibility in this area and chances of good response from masses out there. But by viewing at the resources of the company the management decided that it will be impossible for the company to capture the whole Pakistan market. So they decided to start it with penetration marketing policy to root deeply in the market by capturing the middle class and let them experience the premium quality stuff with durability of our product that marked a name not in their status but also in their living style, avoiding budget outs by offering reasonable and affordable prices. Our Marketing goals are to capture the potential customers with attractive prices to increase sales volume to...
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