Business Plan

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BRONZE Round 3 These questions require only a numerical answer. Each question is worth 5 marks. The total for the round is 25 marks. We recommend that you print this and work on the problems whilst away from the computer. Remember you will have to submit all 5 these questions simultaneously. So make sure you solved them all before trying to submit online. Furthermore, when submitting these answers don’t include units of measurement like degrees or minutes or metres, but just the integer answer. All these questions have integer answers. 1. What is the value of k if “7k minutes past nine” is the same time as “8k minutes to ten”? Answer: 2. Find the smallest three-digit number which is neither prime nor divisible by 2, 3 or 5. Answer: 3. Charlie boils seven eggs for his breakfast. He puts the eggs into the pan one at a time, but waits one minute after putting one egg in before putting the next egg in. If he boils each egg for three minutes, how long does the whole operation take from the moment he puts the first egg in to the moment he takes the seventh egg out? Answer: 4. The length of each side of a quadrilateral ABCD is a whole number of centimetres. Given that AB = 4 cm, BC = 5 cm and CD = 6 cm, what is the maximum possible length of the fourth side DA, if the quadrilateral exists? Answer: 5. Points A, B, P, C, Q, D, R, E, S, F are marked in that order around the circumference of a circle so that ABCDEF is a regular hexagon and AP QRS is a regular pentagon. What is the size of ∠BAP ? Answer:

BRONS Rondte 2 Hierdie vrae benodig slegs ’n numeriese antwoord. Elke vraag is 5 punte werd. Die totaal vir die rondte is 25 punte. Ons stel voor dat jy hierdie druk en aan die vrae werk terwyl jy nie by die rekenaar is nie. Onthou jy moet al 5 vrae gelyktydig invoer. So maak seker jy het dit almal opgelos voor jy dit probeer invul op die webwerf. Al hierdie vrae het ’n heelgetal as antwoord. Wanneer die...
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