DST 500 Exam Review

Topics: Disability, Mental disorder, Sociology Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: November 17, 2013

Week 1
initiative of Greater London Action on Disability to build links between disabled people, survivors and their organisations through the Common Agenda project.

Disability Discrimination Act and direct payments legislation (for all their deficiencies and restrictions) and the setting up of a Disability Rights Commission. Public safety’ is now explicitly the central concern of government mental health policy psychiatric system survivors seem to come somewhere between people with physical and sensory impairment, and people `with learning dif®culties’.

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) National, is Canada’s only voluntary charitable organization that exists to promote the mental health over twenty percent of our population living with mental illness Mental Health Commission of Canada and charging it with developing a national mental health strategy. federal government should initiate and operate a basic income program for persons with disabilities, PWLE – people with lived experience , newest label by mental health commission of Canada Hippocrates four humours

-Melancholic = introvert unstable (neurotic)
-Choleric = touchy aggressive (unstable neurotic)
-Phlegmatic=introvert, passive stable
-Sanguine=extrovert, stable

the struggle for survival in modern societies, the requirement for refined and advanced mental functioning was reputed to be one of the principal causes for becoming mentally and physically ill

week 3
Societal insanity can be understand as a global property of society and how it is evaluated. Ex lookin at activity and not the people, with collective you look at people more or population so and societial you are lookin at the activities Contagion theory = hes doing it so I do it

Convergence theory = like minds come together to form a collective WEEK 4
Primary Deviant = does deviant acts but does not adopt the deviant identity Secondary Deviant = does deviant acts knowing its deviant and continues to do...
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