Double Entry Journal

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African American
Woodson, J. (2005) Show way. Talbott, H. NY: Putnam’s Sons.
Memorable Quote Personal Reaction
“And though some could book read, most could not. Stars and moon and roads. Picture reading was what they’d always known.” There are several effective ways of communicating with others. Quilting was significant to this ethnic group since they did not know how to read. African Americans found different ways to communicate in which they could under-stand the messages through the images that had been sewn on quilts. This quote was memorable to me because I know that when I read to my niece, she pays a lot of attention to the illustrations. Even though she is only 3 she believes that is going on in the story. Most of the time she is right, and all it takes is one glance at the pictures. This is one of the plus sides of picture books because you do no need to know how to read to get an idea of what the story will be all about.
Woodson, J. (2002) Visiting day. Ransome, E., J. NY: Scholastic Press.
Memorable Quote Personal Reaction
“And we’re all passing around friend chicken, cornbread, and thick slices of sweet potato pie until maybe we think we’re go-ing to pop.” The surface elements discussed in this quote remind me of Thanksgiving time. After reading the list of food items I immediately also thought about a buffet. These happen to be some very tasty food items that no one would pass up on having seconds. One thing that caught me off guard was that the grandmother and granddaughter were able to take food during visiting day at the jail for the inmate; in this case he was the little girl’s father. I believe that this book was written by cultural insider. Prior to reading this, I had never came across a book which solely focused on a jail visiting day. My first im-pressions were negative. I would not want children to think that the majority of criminals in jail are African American. I did not know that there were au-thors who focused on covering

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