The Hobbit Double Entry Journal Prompts

Topics: The Hobbit / Pages: 14 (3392 words) / Published: Mar 25th, 2013
Nicholas Gangone
Ms. Sottas
Double Entry Journal Prompts
March 20, 2013

“But men remembered little of all that, though some still sang old songs of the dwarf-kings of the Mountain, Thror and Dragon, and the fall of the lords of Dale.” (Tolkien 176)

“I hope I never smell the smell of apples again.” (Tolkien 179)

“But the Master was not sorry at all to let them go. They were expensive to keep, and their arrival had turned things into a long holiday in which business was a standstill.” (Tolkien 185)

Although the men keep alive old traditions in a new era, this quote symbolizes how the majority of things have changed in this world. This excerpt situates the dwarves in the present time frame where power has shifted to evil forces, how the dwarves lost control of their mountain city, and also how old legendary maps don’t so well in a new environment. The men never really experienced what it was like to live in a time where everyone and everything blended harmoniously.

After reading this in the book, I immediately made a mental connection to a memory of the 6th grade. At the peak of the swine flu epidemic, my school started to administer vaccines to protect the students against the disease. I forgot to hand in a consent form to give them permission for a vaccine, so instead of getting a vaccine, I got the nasal mist in my nose. The nurse asked me what my favorite fruit was, and I replied “umm.. apples!” Not knowing what it was for, she made the thick goo they shot up my nose apple flavored. This was probably one of the weirdest feelings I have ever experienced. Just like Fili, I did not want to smell apples for a long time.
This excerpt I picked reminds me of a part of the Odyssey. The specific part I am referencing to is the Suitors. After learning how expensive it is to have company over for an occasion, the connection I made between both pieces of literature only emphasizes this idea by giving more evidence.

“Not at any rate until the songs have come true!”

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