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Data Communication and networking Assignment 1

By lookup11 Sep 21, 2014 280 Words

1. The Maximum number of different colors that can be represented is 65,536. 2^16=65,536.

2. Assuming that a mesh topology network has 6 connected devices there would be a need for fifteen (15) cables, and five (5) ports for each device.

3. Match the following to one or more layers of the OSI (TCP/IP) model: a. Route determination – Network Layer.
b. Flow Control – Data Link and Transport Layer.
c. Interface to Transmission Media – Physical Layer.
d. Provides access for the end user – Application layer.

4. Match the following to one or more layers of the OSI (TCP/IP) model: a. Reliable Process to process message – Transport Layer.
b. Route Selection – Network Layer.
c. Defines Frames – Data Link Layer.
d. Provides User services Such As Email and File Transfer – Application Layer. e. Transmission of bit streams across physical medium – Physical Layer.

5. Match the following to one or more layers of the OSI (TCP/IP) model: a. Communicates directly with user's application program – Application Layer. b. Error Correction and retransmission – Data link and transport Layer. c. Mechanical, Electrical and functional interface – Physical Layer. d. Responsible for carrying frames between adjacent nodes – Data Link Layer.

6. Match the following to one or more layers of the OSI (TCP/IP) model: a. Format and code conversation services – Presentation Layer. b. Establishes, manages and terminates sessions – Session Layer. c. Ensures reliable transmission of data – Data Link and Transport Layer. d. Log in and log out procedures – Session layer.

e. Provides independence from differences in data representation – Presentation Layer.

7. The content for the packets and frames are as follows:

8. The content of the data packets and frames are as follows:

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