Intro to Networking Lab 1

Topics: File system, Microsoft, Operating system Pages: 2 (309 words) Published: January 9, 2015
Lab 1.4
Ex 1.4.1- 0 or just a space in between numbers. It is necessary to use a blank space because it also serves a number. Ex.1.4.1- Using Microsoft Word or Excel, create a chart similar to Table 1- 3 for the hexadecimal codes for the numbers from 0 through 9.

Lab 1.5 Creating a Root Folder
Exercise 1.5.1- Address for Classes Folder: C:\Classes
Exercise 1.5.2- Now it’s in C:\Classes\Networking
Exercise 1.5.3-

Exercise 1.5.4- It can cause the computer to slow down. Changing the file structure will not affect the fragmentation of the disk. It would save the new file in the same storage location. LAB 1.5 Review

1. It is necessary to plan a file structure so all the data files can be organized and your computer can run at a faster speed. 2. If I put the document myname.txtfile in the desktop as a short cut I can easily click on the icon and it will take me directly to the document. If I access it from the folders, I would have to go to the C drive/Classes/ Networking/ myname.txtfile. Which is a more detailed longer way but it is organized and saved in the hard drive. 3. When you defrag a disk, it re-organizes/sorts all the files as to when they were all put in from the beginning because all files will move around as more files are saved in the hard drive. Lab 1.6

Exercise 1.6.1-For my Drive C, I have used 52.304.748.544 bytes (48.7GB)
Free space left 267.398.729.728 bytes (249GB) Exercise 1.6.2- I do not have a Linux or Mac OS computer
Exercise 1.6.3- I have 4.00GB 3.89GB usable RAM installed in my computer Exercise 1.6.4- I do not have a Linux or Mac OS computer.
Exercise 1.6.5- Processor: Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU 1017U @ 1.60 GHZ Exercise 1.6.6- I do not have a Linux or Mac OS computer
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