Criminal Investigation: Personality Study, Conducting Successful Interrogations, Interpreting Firearm Marks, and Asphyxia

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In this generation, all human being have to work to earn for living. However it is not possible for us to be able to do any kind of work. That is why work been divided into physical work and intellectual limitation. An individual’s personality can be exposed through the job that he or she is engaged with. This enables the particular person to improve his/her level of maturation, skills and talents.

The most reason that lead psychologist, sociologist, anthropologists, economists is because of the company want a result of earning obtain with giving special attention to human factor, if people are at low level in terms of work value for example lack of skills, knowledge, personality, professional, experience, motivation, everything is useless. First terms of general psychology, and where warranted by special mention is “occupational psychology”. They prefer to use term “occupational psychology” because it seems more comprehensive and it include “occupational psychology” and “organizational and management psychology”.

General psychology about the human personality
Generally when dealing with human personalities issue, the presentation will full with sides, component, and aspect. There is no doubt with usefulness of every piece presentation of this psychological reality. Important things they should not lose sight of the whole structure. In reality personality component interact with each other, related with each other, giving birth to structure that already specific by architecture. To actual existence of individual with the matters not the presence or absence of one of these sides, not the degree of development but its own way as it is structure. That is why psychology should focus on personality, structure that lead to a psycho-behavioural level, and lead to many effects. Personality which mediates perception and acceptance of external influence, it integrates them into levers. Its leaves mark on psychology phenomena on any reaction, even on human face.

Only man has personality and as it arises and develops it produces the following effect: * Stabilize conduct
* Unitary direction
* Provides consensus though and fact, project and realizations * Adapts them to the present, but also on future
* Exploits all opportunities and human capabilities
* Makes deep involvement in dealing with people, tending to its creative transformation

Personality is not present at birth. It is formed from the age of three and it is also based on environment around them, it is also not simply a psychological aspect of human life, but totality of diverse and numerous components. Therefore, one personality with full knowledge is not easy and also not good for mentality. Although comprising large number of components, personality is not simply their sum, but whole is based on human behaviour, should direct and lead them in relation to the environment. Features of personality as a whole is common to all, the organization of elements, is the level of development from person to person, personality is unique and original in each of human being that is why everyone have different personality. Personality is strongly determined and conditioned by man’s social existence. Socio cultural framework does not appear with all personality and self-organization. Personality is being influence by micro-environment, so if the micro-environment is good then the personality will be good and if not will be otherwise.

All kind of personality traits are related with each other, it is very strong and its form, the fact, the structure. It develops over time and differs from one person to another person based on: * Level of development its component

* Level of integration of element in whole personality
* Stability of the structure of personality
Personality operates like system 24 hours every day even in...
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