Creating an Advertising Designer's Journal: Checklist and Necessities

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A design journal is meant to show your learning progress and development as a Graphic Designer/Art Director. It is YOUR journal, so it should reflect who you are when people read your journal.

▪ A4/A3 in size. DO NOT use a readily bound black sketchbook. Compile and print all your notes, research and etc on loose A4 paper. Bind your journal with the standard black comb binding l.

▪ Create dividers to categorize the different sections of your journal. Example : Class notes, personal research, the different assignments, appendix, referencing and etc (according to the contents and what you have).

▪ A design for the cover of the journal including your particulars (name, student ID, class and etc). The cover must include a masthead bearing the words “Advertising Design Journal”

▪ Must be typed and printed with a margin of at least 1inch on all sides of the document.


These are the things that must be included in your Advertising Design Journal

▪ Weekly Self Reflective: What have you learnt for this week? Not just for this module but also for the other modules you are taking and also what you’ve learnt personally outside of the campus. Do include constructive feedbacks, comments, suggestions and other engaging thoughts on how to improve yourself, reflections and developments of that particular week. Must be done every week.

▪ Class Notes : Include all your class notes and handouts here.

▪ Class Exercises & Homework: Include all given class exercises and homework here.

▪ The Assignments (in different sections): Include all sketches, mind maps, research, rationale, appendices, test prints, printouts, referencing and etc.

▪ Personal Research: Include all personal research, cut out from magazines, postcards, designs, innovations, articles,...
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