Topics: Marketing, Market segmentation, Typography Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: October 30, 2014
Paper Format: There are four papers (4) for this course. Each is to be a minimum of 2 pages, and not more than 3 pages. Single spaced paragraphs, double space between paragraphs. Use 10/11 point type. Include attachment from 1st page of your article selected for comment. Include a cover page with your name, paper topic, and due date.

Papers are due on the date shown below. I DO NOT accept late papers. All papers are to be in printed format. I do not accept electronic papers, except by prior approval.

NOTE: This document also provides an example/illustration of the format and font size that you are expected to use for your paper.

TOPIC ONE: Find an article that discusses a current strategic consumer marketing matter/issue/challenge with which marketers are currently dealing and provide your assessment and your response to their stated goals and objectives, whether you agree/disagree with their actions/activities and WHY.

Paper one is due by end of class on Sept. 11.

TOPIC TWO: Consumer decision making (how marketers expect that consumer response to their marketing plans, action, strategies and tactics) is a critical factor in successful marketing. Find an article that focuses on a specific marketing action related to consumer decision making responsiveness (or lack thereof) that a consumer products/services marketer has recently made. Discuss and provide your POV with regard to this action. Be specific and comprehensive in your response to the action taken.

Paper two is due by end of class on Sept. 30.

TOPIC THREE: Defining and segmenting your Target Audience to provide efficient and effective focus to the use of your marketing resources is “JOB 1” for most marketers. Find an article that demonstrates or shows how a specific marketer has done this (and succeeded or failed as a result). Discuss in detail and provide your POV.

Paper three is due by end of class on November 6.

TOPIC FOUR: Use of Integrated...
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