Corporate Social Responsibility Study Guide

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esNo progress was made from the 2005-2008 survey
So there was little impact made in the way of ethical behavior There was a little change though in specific areas
* New Rigor
We are going to run into these situation and we are not being trained to do what we run into them We are now trying to be prepared for those situation
MBA training for ‘value conflicts’
20% not at all, 58% somewhat
Conflicts arise every three months
Trying to get business schools to inject some kind of trying in the B school Relevance
new business environment
more transparency
NGO in influence (interest groups influence they can punish you if you don’t do what they want you to do) Global impact- labor and child issues
Wider focus is required
Organizing principles required
These should be your value sand ethics
Values and ethics
Desirable principle or quality
They are universal despite socioeconomic background, we all value the same thing (even prisoners) Why do we break them if we all believe in them?
Get it from the slides on how to define
Ethical dilemmas
Individual vs. community
Dilemmas occurs when you run into right vs. right
The life boat example – the boat only holds a certain number and everyone will not fit What do you think is the right choice?
Don’t we all have an equal right, so how are we going to decide who gets on the boat? Can you sacrifice the right of the individual for the right of the community? Justice vs. Mercy
Neighbor is a single father but he is a heavy drinker, he is in a hit and run, do you turn him in? If you turn him in the children’s lives are ruined, what would you do? This is fairly common especially in the work place, ppl do something illegal do you turn them into the company? Small wrong but a large penalty

Truth vs. loyalty
A client massages the sales forecast – she always overestimated them she has a heart attack and you get the job, do you continue to over estimate them? It comes down to what type of person you really are

This one will come up a lot
Solving ethical dilemmas
1. Know your own values
2. Be guided by your values- integrity
Walking the talk
3. Spot the red flags
Identify the problems and the choice you can make
4. Decide what is right
5. Have the courage to do the right thing
Ethical theories
Consequentialist theories
Focused on the consequence of the action
The greatest good for the greatest number of people
An ethical math problem
Wal-Mart in a small town
Economic growth -pro
You are taking away from mom and pops store –con
You are making things convenient- pro
Competition- pro
People have to work for Wal-Mart, wages and working condition- con Bring in more big box stores- pro or a con
The problem with this is there are pros and cons to both sides but how do you weigh the choices, which one is better? How do you measure it?
Rights of the individual are sacrificed for the right of the majority Net benefits and net harms
Good thing is everyone happiness if valued the same
It is a good goal to peruse
Recognizes that our actions have effects on others
Basis of the free market
A promise holds very little value because if it ends of the wrong side of the equation then it is broken Non-consequentialist or deontological theories
What is wrong
The ends never justify the means
Based on duties, obligation and principles
Duties or obligations- what a rational person would do, what social role you play (sister mother), or your professional role (accountant GAP)- society helps us figure out what these are It assumes that society has done investigation into what a person should do Regardless of outcome

Based on universal principles that everyone should be able to abide by, it does not play any favorites When you come into conflict how do you pick which one trumps the other? Honestly and loyalty? There are no ethical guidelines on which to pick

If you tell the truth then what of the...
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