Analyze Ethical Dilemma and Solve a Murder Case

Topics: Time, Employment, The Accused Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Analyzing ethical dilemmas:

1.Identify and clearly describe the facts
2.Define the conflict or dilemma and identify the higher-order values involved 3.Identify the stakeholders
4.Identify the options that you can reasonably take
5.Identify the potential consequences of your options

1-One of the company’s employees is a murder who was judged innocent earlier still on the move. The accused employee took advantage of his manager’s cooperation in order to execute his own interests.

2-The manager was asked by the accused employee to be marked as present on day of the murder for a private excuse involving family, manager approved to employee’s excuse. This decision may affect the manager and involve him to the case. However, the higher authorities do not have permissions involving how the manager can handle his employees’ attendance and absentees.

3-Identifying stakeholders might have the most influence over the case, also might be the case most important supporters. Once the information is provided to them, stakeholders can give their testimony to the authorities on the manager cooperation with his employees to prevent the innocent manager of being involved with accused employee.

4-The one option is giving all the real details and testimonies on the case to the authorities.

5-The least expected from the authorities that there might be a disguise punishment for the manager, worst is expel him from his job and taking his license for a long period of time. But truth should be told about the accused employee.

In my opinion, the previous case was related to the principle (Slippery Slope). The case started with small cooperation with the accused employee, and it ended with murder and involving the manager to the murder.
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