Conflict Management

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2. Conflict Management Plan

A. If a conflict should arise over the course of the team project, Group 4 has agreed to mitigate the conflict as soon as possible. Based on the situation of the conflict, whether it is personal or technical for example, the team will come together and discuss the situation. Once all details of the conflict are known, the team will determine the best way to address the conflict by a majority rules team vote. After a decision is made it will take effect immediately to address the conflict. *Note: All conflicts and decisions will be thoroughly discussed with the course instructor along the way for suggestions and ultimate authority. B. Motivation and stability are keys for success in the team project. Group 4 possess these qualities and does not foresee a lack of either throughout the length of the project. However, in an unforeseen circumstance where lack of motivation is identified by the team, it will be addressed immediately. The team will address the team member who is not performing at the expected level of commitment. This will either be done in a group setting (weekly team call) or an individual representing the team reaching out to the member after speaking with the other team members.

1. Address the situation with the team member (either in a group or individual setting).
2. Determine if the team member needs additional help or other action to bring their motivation back up.
3. Based on the needs, action will be taken by the team to remedy the situation. *Note: All concerns about motivation of a team member will be thoroughly discussed with the course instructor along the way for suggestions and ultimate authority. Based on the situations that follow, the specific action will be taken to address and mitigate the situation.

i. Team member falls into one or more categories below:
- Non-responsive: If Group 4 identifies a team member that has become non-responsive (unless previously notified due to...
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