Universal telecom

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Universal telecom is one of world’s largest telecom networking companies. This case presents a troubled team in that company.
Team characteristics:
1. Consist of 4 members.
2. In charge of a really important role in the company.
3. Team members are having difficulty getting along and working together. 4. One of the team members having a personality making things difficult for the team. 5. Firing this member is impossible, organizational context making it impossible to hire new member, and there should be at least 4 members in the team to handle the work load. Metro and enterprise planning is a division of universal telecom company, and its responsible for handling two types of customer accounts in North America:

This division was created to better serve these two customers by: Integrating data, voice, network, and optional services
This division is running by 3 directors.
Consist of 160 employee and 3 sub-groups.
Warren Merrill
Jack Morgan
Director of
Service sub-group
Data sub-group
Optimal sub-group

In the past year and half metro and enterprise division was facing a big changes. That was due to the finical difficulties facing universal telecom. Results forcing the division to downsize to avoid bankruptcy. After 5 rounds of layoff the division goes from 160 employees to 20. Warren Merrill now is the director of the 20 employees.

Optimal sub-group’s director was fired.
Jack Morgan now becomes a senior engineer and reports to Warren Merrill. Warren Merrill divided the Metro and enterprise into 2 sub-groups:

This case will talk about the pre-sale subgroup.
The essential role for presale team is:
1. Generating revenues for the company.
2. Call on existing or potential customers to reassess their telecom networking needs. 3. After that team creates a service plan that outlines needs for equipment, software, and service. Team members highly depend on each other to create such plans 4. After creating the plan they pass it to sale division to price and close. 5. After the plan deal is made. The 16 employees come to implement the plan. Presale team members feel that they are under pressure, because of: (1) 4 members to handle all North America customers. (2) Travel schedule was intense. Presale project last 5-6 weeks.

Presale members get training before getting in the group.
They get feedback directly form customer or sales division and this put some pressure on them.

Summary of each team member roles:
Warren Merrill:
Director of Metro & enterprise division.
Has been working with the company for 25 years.
After the changes in the company his span of control raised from 5 people to 20. Now he can’t manage his reports in details as he did before. So his professional carrier is at the stake. If his group is cut anymore in the next pay-off he mostly will lose his credibility and his job. His direct reports to the upper management was not protecting the division from pay-offs. He wasn’t well respected by the presale team.

They nick name him as “kelvin” , and this is an engineering humor. Kelvin is a temperature scale where there is an absolute zero and him as a manager is absolute zero. He spends most of the time examining the organizational chart and playing politics to ensure the survival of the division and then his career. He wasn’t helping the presale team in managing their process, setting the goals, and monitoring the quality of work.

Jack Morgan
Pre-sale team.
Worked for the company for 24 years.
He does not like Warren at all.
Jack says that Warren is intimated by him so they tend to ignore each other. Jack says that Warren making troubles for the team.
Managing team during good times and bad times are different. In bad times you can do whatever you want because employees don’t have lateral movement. But in good time you can’t because they will leave you. And Jack says that Warren is managing this team in a wrong way, he...
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