Compare and Contrast Essay Example

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Compare and Contrast Essay
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Software companies want the best products to sell in order to stay in business and remain productive. This organization is on the rise to find the most reliable and best personal computer for excelling students by comparing and contrasting the prices, performances and models from three different brands sold by the most popular vendors. Our company selected the Apple-13.3” MacBook Pro Notebook, the HP-Envy 15.6” Laptop, and the Dell-Ultra book 15.6” Touch-Screen Laptop. After careful reviews and investigations, the organization decided that the HP Envy Laptop was best for their excelling students’ organization.

With today’s era, companies strive to find the best devices to use to get faster and more efficient technology. Several companies compete to find computer buyers worldwide. When it comes to searching for a computer, you want to find the computer that is right for any company, firm, or business. The main goal of these companies is completion and berating out the next company. There are three main objectives to focus on when finding a personal computer for this student organization. They are focusing on the price, brand, and memory that the computer can hold. The best-selling and most popular models that the company compared and contrasted were the Apple MacBook Pro Notebook, the HP Envy Laptop, and the Dell Ultra-Book touch screen laptop.

The main difference between these three models is the brands. Dell is a computer based model from a product line named Dell Studios. Dell is more experienced with multimedia projects. HP models are based on the HPE series. They are predominately the most powerful and speedy models in this group and overall most computers. The MacBook is part of the apple and Microsoft companies. They’re more experienced with applications and representing more unique computer experiences.

There are several similarities between these brands of computer although they are...
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