Chapter 5

Topics: Project management, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Theory X and theory Y Pages: 5 (755 words) Published: October 30, 2012

(M)1.Which one of the following is not one of the three steps of controlling? A.Monitoring

(E)2.According to Douglas McGregor, team members that require supervision, direction and threat of punishment for non-compliance are called _____ employees. *A.Theory X
B.Theory Y
C.Theory Z

(E)3.William Ouchi’s approach that managers in Japanese companies have a better relationship with their subordinates falls under: A.Theory X
B.Theory Y
*C.Theory Z

(E)4.Which of Maslow’s levels would be a motivational force for newly hired employees? *A.Physiological

(M)5.An employee who would turn down a promotion in order to remain as a project manager would most likely be at which level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? A.Safety

(M)6.Herzberg believed that the bottom three levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are: *A.Hygiene factors
D.Esteem drivers

(M)7.Authority comes from _____ whereas power comes from _____. A.Above; Above
*B.Above, Below
C.Below; Above
D.Below, Below

(E)8.The document that is prepared at the beginning of a project in order to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the team members is called a: A.Responsibility clarification table
B.Responsibility identification table
*C.Responsibility assignment matrix
D.Work package assignment sheet

(E)9.Which of the following are factors to be considered when providing project managers with authority? A.The size, nature, and business base of the company
B.The length of the project
C.The size and nature of the project
*D.All of the above

(E)10.Which of the following is the most common type of project authority? A.De jure
B.De facto
*C.Project charter

(H)11.Which of the following type of authority would come from the project manager’s job description? *A.De jure
B.De facto
C.Project charter

(M)12.If the project manager’s authority is not documented, then the project manager is expected to assume whatever authority he / she needs to get the job done. *A.True

(E)13.Which of the following people has the greatest influence on how much authority a project manager will possess on a given project? A.The customer
*B.The project sponsor
C.The project manager’s line manager
D.The project manager himself / herself

(E)14.Which of the following types of interpersonal influences comes from the recognition that the project manager is officially empowered to give orders? *A.Legitimate power
B.Reward power
C.Expert power
D.Referent power

(M)15.Which of the following types of interpersonal influences would be representative of workers that are attracted to a particular project? A.Legitimate power
B.Reward power
C.Expert power
*D.Referent power

(E)16.Which type of interpersonal influences would be represented by a project manager that has a command of technology? A.Legitimate power
B.Reward power
*C.Expert power
D.Referent power

(M)17.Which of the following type of interpersonal influence has as its source the individual rather than the company? A.Legitimate power
B.Reward power
C.Penalty power
*D.Referent power

(M)18.Coercive power most often represents:
A.Legitimate power
B.Reward power
*C.Penalty power
D.Referent power

(H)19.Laissez-faire leadership most likely represents:

(H)20.Democratic leadership most likely represents:

(M)21.If six people are in a room participating in a conversation, then there are _____ two-way channels of communications. A.9
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