Chapter 2 study guide

Topics: Qin Shi Huang, Zhou Dynasty, China Pages: 0 (1090 words) Published: September 8, 2014

1. What are some positive and negative things about China’s location?
Some of the positive things about China’s location was that it was separated from the rest of the world which caused very few conflicts to occur with other early civilizations. However due to this separation from other civilizations, China did not have as much influence in technology or culture from other civilizations.

2. What is the most ancient philosophy in China?
The most ancient philosophy accepted in China is called Dao which was the appreciation of a balanced life without excess of anything.

3. What kind of things would cause or signal a dynasties decline?
Some things that would cause a dynasties decline would be something such as a invasion from enemy’s such as Mongol’s. Another cause for decline would be a major gap between poor and rich classes which could lead to revolts against the dynasty.

4. How did the Zhou Dynasty rule? Who was this method similar to? (who had the power)The Zhou Dynasty ruled through noble families as alliances were formed through the wedding of noble princesses to other noble families which gained that family more land and power, they used this as opposed to a central government as their own government was too weak to work. This method was similar to the rule during the middle ages when lords used weddings as a form of gaining power, wealth, and land.

5. What is the significance of Confucius?
Confucius created a time of cultural creativity introducing many beliefs to Chinese culture.

6. Who gained control of China and formed the Qin Dynasty?
Shi Huangdi took down the last Zhou emperor and gained sole rule of china forming the Qin Dynasty.

7. How did he handle the problems of feudalism?
Shi handled the problems of feudalism by forming a strong military and crushing regional resistance.

8. What did Qin Shi Huangdi do to prevent northern invasions (instead of relying on...
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