CGS 2531 Notes Ch. 1-5

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Excel Chapter 1
Edit and Clear cell contents
Clear by selecting editing group on home tab and then select clear contents Formulas
= sign before inputting
Auto Fill
Copy contents of a cell or range of cells by dragging the fill handle(a small black plus sign) Drag it and it copies the formulas
You can also use this for sequences such as January and quartesFor values input first 2 #’s Displaying Cell Formulas
You press CTRL AND GRAVE ACCENT (`) BELOW ESC..Keep cell active Press ctrl+ enter
Change Worksheet Tab Color
Click format in the cells group on the home tab, point to Tab Color and then click color Insert, Delete, Move and Copy Worksheets
Right Click worksheet to hide it…
Copy a worksheet by pressing ctrl and dragging it to the side Cells, Columns, and Rows
Insert a column
Right click the letter or row number for which you want to insert a new column to the left or a new row above… Excel inserts a new column to the left so if you have data on B and you insert on B the data will move to column C and B becomes a new column Same thing when inserting cells

Just click on A or B or C and press delete
Column Width
Position the pointer on the vertical border between the current column and the next column,,, the drag it To the left you decrease to the right you increase
Hide and Unhide Columns
Hide easy---- just press hidhe on what you want
For example if column B is hidden, drag across A and C. Then select unhide Copy
Press Esc after copying data
Copy Excel Data to other programs
Home tab
Center main titles over allcolumns in the worksheet and you can center category titles over groups of related columns Select the range of cells across which you want to center the title, and then click merge and center They are merged into one cell

Indent allingmentWrap Text
Make data appear on multiple lines by adjusting the row height to fit the cell contents within the column width Border and Filler
Select range and click border arrow on font group
Excel Chapter 2
Semi Selection
A process of selecting a cell or range of cells for entering cell references as you create formulas That’s when you make a formula and lets say you choose A1 then you add it to C2 by clicking on it and the moving bars appear Relative Cell ReferernceA relative location, such as two rows up and one column to the left Example you copy original formula =D2-E2 from cell F2 down to F3, the copied formula changes to =D3-E3 JUST THE ROW NUMBERS CHANGE

Absolute Cell reference
Provides a permanent reference to a specific cell
$B$4= absolute cell reference pg 403
Example: Cell E 2 contains = d2*$B$4… WHEN THE FORMULA IS COPIED in cell E 3 = D3* $B$4 Mixed Cell Reference
Combines an absolute with a relative cell reference
When yo copy a mixed reference formula, either the column latter or the row number that has absolute reference remains fixed while the other part changes. Example: $B4 AND B$4
$B4—COLUMN B is absolute…. Column b does not change but the row number does change B$4--- B CHANGES, but row # 4 does not
Avoiding Circular References
= a8-c8 and you enter this in cell c8…….. this will create a circular reference Functions
Syntax --- the rules that dictate the structure and components required to perform the necessary calculations Arguments---- stuff inside parenthesis following fuctionNInserting functions = sum … argument

Sum functions
= sum and the select the range that you want to be added
Or you cn add =sum(a2:14,f2:f14)
Statistical Functions
Home tab=== editing group=== auto sum
Average function==== same as sum just select the range and press enter Median==== finds the midpoint value
Min and Max==== determines highest or lowest value
Count Functions
= Count==== count all the numerical values in the selected range, but excludes those cells without numbers = countblank==== tallies those cells which are blank
Counta==== counts all cells in a range that are not empty
Other Math...
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