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The Success Story of Purple Rain – Music and Management

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Case Abstract:

This case is about the band “Purple Rain” and its organizational dynamics. It came into being twenty seven years ago, and has been going strong since then. The correspondent for the case is Mr. Ashly Fernandes, member of Purple Rain and proprietor of Pedro Fernandes & Co. The case focuses on how the band is structured, their bonding towards the Purple Rain, the work culture, system of functioning and strategies and factors influencing growth and expansion. The case also describes the evolution of music and bands as a business in Goa.

Keywords: Group Structure, Team work, Leadership


1. Introduction – The Beginning

2. Music in India

3. Development of Music in Goa

4.1 Traditional Music
4.2 Western, Indigenous and Indian Music
4.3 Konkani Liturgical
4.4 Pop
4.5 Home for Electronic Music
4.6 Goan Trance

4. Purple Rain - Raining in a Range of Achievements

5.7 Purple Rain as a structured organisation
5.8 Passion v/s Profession
5.9 The Ups and Downs - Challenges Faced by Purple Rain 5.10 In the Days to Come

5. Tête-à-tête with Mr. Ashly Fernandes

6. Snips and Clips

7. References

The Success Story of Purple Rain – Music and management

1. The Beginning

Twenty seven years ago, a band of 3 like-minded college students came together with a common purpose in mind – their passion, and love for music. Money was not a factor then. The 3 members - Franky Fernandes, Acacio Tavares and Marcelino Fernandes started Purple Rain. They performed in college functions and small parties and grew to become a 5 member band as their popularity increased.

Now Purple Rain is a commercial pop & rock based band catering to all sorts of musical functions like weddings, conferences, stage shows etc. The band’s main aim is to perform good music relevant to the occasion and build on the past legacy of music. The three core members still play in the same band but along the way some members had to come and go due to various family and overseas job compulsions. The band hit the peak of its popularity during the 1990’s thanks to some very catchy original compositions like Bala Bala and Oh la la – both of which are still being requested for at functions and over the radio. Today they have grown to be regarded as one of the top dance bands not only in Goa but in India and the Middle East.

But their success was not easy. It was full of difficult challenges and competition from other bands. Before we get into the specifics of the band, let us dwell on the origin and development of music in India and in Goa as well.

2. Music in India
It is through the medium of the arts that people of different nations and backgrounds are able to communicate and understand each other better. The West is becoming more familiar with Indian music - it is no longer merely an exotic expression of the East, but is reaching an ever growing, knowledgeable and appreciative audience. It is interesting to note the influence of Indian music on sculpture and...

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