Topics: Alcoholism, Alcohol abuse, Marriage Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: March 2, 2014
 Janet Case Study
Janet is on her forth divorce, she has three children from previos marriages. Janet has struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for awhile. As a teenage she was sexually molested by her uncle. Growing up as a child she witness her parents struggle with alcohol and often fought.

For the first session I would like to know who Janet is. I would like to look at what kind of emotional connections Janet has with her past. I also want to know how her background from childhood and past relationships, and the role it plyas in Janet's life. I want to know how her past marriages failed and what is she doing differently to make this marriage work. It is important to get this information from Janet in order to know where she is in life, and where she needs to go as far as counseling.

Growing up with a father that was an alcoholic, may be helpful for me to understand her situation and the way she grew up. While being able to relate may help build a relationship, sometime as people we need to know that we are not alone. If Janet is willing to own up to her mistakes and take responisblity for her actions, then she can start to really change. I will attempt to help Janet reclaim her life and help her live outside of her cuimstances.

With Janet it would be benefical to first make sure she gets help with her drug and alcohol problems. Janet needs to realized that she is repeating her past she is living like her parents. Janet will also need to work on building a strong healthy relationship with her children, so that they don't have insecurities later in life. It willl also be good for Janet and her husband have some couple sessions to help try to save their marriage. Janet needs a strong support team, to keep her focused on success and a new lifestyle change. With consistency Janet can get her life back together and save her family.

Studies have tied tramatic life events to alcoholism. Exposure to life-threatening and catastrophic experiences,...
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