Case Study- Toy Wars

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Case Study


Time Context:1986

Point of View:Tom Daner, President of Daner Associates Advertising Company

Areas of Consideration

1. Cracko Industries, decided to follow the trend of creating military toys despite its previous resistance from associating violence to their products. They tapped Daner Associates to create advertising campaign for their new line of military toys, one among which is a half feet long, battery operated steel helicopter. Cracko wanted to have a strictly “meaner, tougher, and macho” theme of advertisement that if not provided by Daner, would lead to the former’s pull-out from their long-term business relationship.

2. Daner Associates, through Tom Daner, desires to preserve its long term relationship with Cracko but would also want to adhere with the guidelines followed by the National Networks. They tried to propose a modified version of the advertisement (i.e. instead of destroying a village in the midst of a jungle, they instead prepared version where the helicopter rescued a boy on top of a hill), but it did not prosper since Cracko eyed on their “tougher, meaner, macho” theme.

3. Among the salient provisions of the policies followed by the three national networks for children advertisements are the censorship of too much violence and the requirement to depict only things that would not create unrealistic expectations to children.

4. One means to do away with the three Networks’ censorship is through circumvention. Cracko suggested the use of the local TV networks’ non-network programming whichallows advertisements that are not totally acceptable to the major networks.

5. Aside from the presence of censorship, corporate values of Daner&Associates reflect values of Tom Daner himself. Facts shown that he idolizes religious people and has once considered becoming a missionary priest but later on married and had children of his own. Although putting advertisement through the local TV stations may hide them from scrutiny of the Big Networks, still Daner wants to follow those policies because he already felt the rampant violence in television aimed at children.

Ethical Dilemma:Advertiser’s (Client) Wants versus Corporate Values

Tom Daner faces mental conflict between two imperatives: on one side,ensuring client-advertiser’s satisfaction which will preserve their long and deep-rooted business relationship by complying with all the requirements it has for an advertisement; and on the other side, ensuring that they still enliven the corporate values concerning the end-consumers/target audiences’ protection from violence, aggression, and unrealistic expectations.

Statement of the Problem:

Should Daner& Associate continue the production of a “violent and aggressive” advertisement clip?


1. Daner& Associates – The decision that Tom Danerwill make would affect either the company’s adherence to the care and responsibility they have for the target audience or their relationship with a long-time valued client.

2. Cracko Industries – The decision that the advertising company will make would affect the company’s desire to obtain the desired type of campaign for their product.

3. The Target Audience/Customer – Since the target customers/audience in this case are children, the decision of the agency would lead either to their additional exposure to violence in media or protection from the same.

Alternative Courses of Actions:

ACA 1: Produce an advertisement clip showcasing the “meaner and tougher” Cracko Industries demanded.

|PROs |CONs | |Preserves the long and deeply rooted client relationship that|Total violation of policies against violence that Daner would want| |will secure profitability both in the current and future |to comply with. There’s no way that this...
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