Career Plan Work Culture Preferences

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Career Plan Work Culture Preferences

April 12, 2013

Well after doing the Work Culture Preferences in the Career Plan I was a little surprised on the results because it showed me that maybe I do have more skills to work with helping people than I thought. My results were under the Ethical section; emphasis on families, that if given the chance to contribute positively to society I could make a difference in people’s lives, emphasis on social and environmental responsibility, and active in promoting equal rights for all. Well Resourced; I like a well-designed and comfortable work place, and I utilize necessary resources to do high standard work. Team Work Culture; enjoy working in a close knit team, have lots of interdependence, friendly and supportive colleagues, and cooperative and sharing atmosphere.

After exploring the resource in the Phoenix Career Services I realized there are a lot of resources that believe might actually be very useful like the Interviewing link where you can go and they have help with conducting pre-interview research, preparing for your first interview, how to answer common interview questions. Which I think I will really explore that link, beings interviews seem to be the toughest part about job searching for myself. I think the resources in the Phoenix Career Services are wonderful resources for students to follow their career choices and with the extra help with certain areas of job searching can make it easier to obtain employment in a new career. I know that I will definitely be exploring the resources more and utilizing them as much as I possibly can.

The Work Culture Preferences I think are similar to the Personal Competencies Assessment from week two in the way that they both relate to the fact that I am the type of person who strives to help people and maintain safe and structured work environment while actively promoting equal rights for everyone. It also shows that I am an organized person and focus...
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