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Business transactions are the interactions between businesses and their customers, vendors and others with whom they do business. Transactions can be very simple, like buying a newspaper, or extremely complex, taking a long time and involving many companies or agencies. New technologies and management approaches are developing around the management of business transactions.
Ads by GoogleBusiness OpportunityConnect with over 120,000 suppliers from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan www.hktdc.comThe accounting definition of a business transaction, according to the online Business Dictionary, is "an economic event that initiates the accounting process of recording it in a company's accounting system." This is the official definition. However, selling an item at a garage sale where no accounting system is in place also can be a business transaction.
Some transactions are simple exchanges. Paying two dollars for a cup of coffee is a business transaction. Getting a haircut, eating at a restaurant, even buying something expensive like a washer or dryer can be a simple transaction. Most simple transactions are singular events which may or may not be repeated and take place between a vendor and a customer.
Related Reading: Examples of Explicit & Implicit Business TransactionsMany transactions are complex. Purchasing an item with credit involves a series of transactions before the purchase can be completed. Setting up a vacation through a travel agency requires booking hotels, flights, possibly rail or boat travel, tours and making other arrangements, all of which require business transactions. Getting a mortgage to buy a home or building requires numerous transactions with the lender, title company, real estate agency, buyer, seller, loan underwriter and more.
Some business transactions are ongoing. Your relationship with your bank is an ongoing business transaction that may encompass multiple types of transactions. A contract between a supplier or vendor and another

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