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Pages: 4 (1378 words) Published: March 4, 2002
"How Birth Order Affects One's Personality"
Everyone in the world is born with a special and unique character. Some of their personality is shaped by their surroundings as they grow up as well as the factor of genetics. It is believed by some psychologists/researchers that birth order has a tendency to influence parts of the personality. Birth order isn't a simplistic 1-2-3 system that says all first borns are equally one way, all second children are another and last-born kids are always just like this or that. These are simply tendencies and general characteristics that often apply. There are dynamics with families that can change relationships. Through your position in the family you develop your behavior pattern, way of thinking and emotional response. Your birth order helps determine your expectations, your strategies for dealing with people and your weaknesses.

Reasons for being interested in Birth order is because it is one way to gain an understanding of friends, family members, boy friends, really anyone you wanted to try to scope out. Unfortunately there aren't any fortune cards or magic spells to understand family and friends. Knowing and understanding birth order can not only help you understand other people but yourself included.

The only- child develops characteristics from having to cope with playing alone and with having to fend off adult intrusion. Only children tend to feel frustrated and throw tantrums when not pleased. They love to say "Leave me alone, I'd rather do it myself!" They tend to have imaginary companions and feel as if the child within was smothered because they had to grow up so quickly. Therefore in turn allow their own children time and space. As well as always being an emotional and considerate friend that loves to listen.

First borns tend to be goal setters and high achievers. Along with being perfectionists who are very responsible, organized and determined people. They are rule keepers and follow all the...
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