Health and Social Care Unit 4 P3

Topics: Sibling, Personal life, Birth order Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: June 17, 2013
There are many predictable major life events like starting school, starting/changing employment, marriage, parenthood and retirement. However there are also unpredictable major life events like birth of a sibling, redundancy, Illness and serious injury, divorce, and bereavement. We are influenced by the range of life factors and also by the events which happens to us. Some huge changes in life can be predicted and also be chosen. However others may be unpredictable, like if sudden changes were made in your life there is a high risks that you will feel stressed and feel out of control that you don’t know what to do anymore. Predictable events

Starting school can be positive for child’s learning as they started to make new friends and to cope with changes. However there are also risks with staring school like feeling unsafe; this could include withdrawing from others and loss support from parents. The effect that it had on Aiden when he was young was that he went through the same experience of starting school and feeling unsafe. Parenthood is an experience that most people will experience in their life, the positive effects is most likely attachment to child and learning parenting skill. Although, there are some negative effects that come with parenthood like disruption of previous lifestyle, loss of any free time and new demands on time and energy and feeling tried and loss of sleep. The effect that it could have on Aiden when he became a parent is that he could go under pressure like the way any other parents feel when they have their first child, tired and stressed from lack of sleep and free time.

Unpredictable events
Birth of a sibling can be positive for child as they won’t grow up alone being the only child and also they will learn to make new emotional attachments and won’t be insecure around other people as some children who don’t have any sibling doesn't really interact with others. However there are negative effects like rivalry and jealousy,...
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