Basic Kitchen Organization

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Basic Kitchen Organization

Food Processing Kitchen (Commissary Kitchen)
-In large operations, it is a kitchen for the processing of all vegetables, salads and fruits -Purpose: to wash peel and sanitize and cut all raw products, increase hygienic and sanitary standards of a kitchen, reduce waste

Cold/Pantry Kitchen (Garde Manger)
-Produces all cold food items – salads, dressings, cold platters, terrines, pates, sushi/sashimi, cheese, fruits,etc. -If there is no in-house butchery, also responsible for processing and portioning all meat, fish and seafood items

-In charge of processing and portioning all meat, fish, and seafood -In large operations, it will also produce processed meats and seafood items such as sausages, smoked ham, cooked ham, smoked fish and seafood, etc.

Main Kitchen
-In charge of producing hot dishes for the various outlets, hot basic sauces for all operations -If there is no banquet kitchen, it will also produce the hot food for banquet and catering functions -May also provide the staff food in certain operations

Banquet Kitchen
-Generally, is a finishing kitchen – a satellite kitchen for garnishing, final sauces and service -Large operations may have this as a full kitchen

Restaurant Kitchen
-Generally, finishing kitchens, except specialty kitchens such as Western Fine Dining, Japanese, Chinese, etc. -Coffee Shop Classified here.

Room Service Kitchen
-Room service food is generally provided by individual restaurant kitchens -Larger operations have a separate room service kitchen
-Offer a la carte items from all their restaurants

Staff Canteen
-Large operations generally have a small staff canteen
-Partly supported by the main kitchen, cold kitchen, and butchery. Pastry and bakery provide desserts and breads.

Pastry Kitchen
-In charge of producing all types of cold, warm and frozen desserts (pralines, cookies, sugar work, marzipan work, etc.)

-In charge of all baking requirements such as breads, crusts and doughs.

Kitchen Organization Chart
Kitchen Brigade

Corporate Chef
-Highest position for a chef in a hotel chain or chain of restaurants. -Responsible for overseeing standards in all hotels/restaurants in that chain -Creates new food concept ideas for all hotels or certain regions -Oversees new hotels and renovations

Executive Chef (Chef de Cuisine)
-Administrative and operational responsibility for all daily kitchen operations on one hotel -Ensures that all supply requirements for all operations are in place -Develops and implements new menus, promotions and festivals -Evaluates based on recommendations, promotes or dismisses staff -Directly interacts with banquet and sales and marketing to produce special menus for functions or groups staying in the hotel -Updates the food and beverage director

-Responsible for the monthly food cost of his/her department

Executive Sous Chef (Working Chef)
-Immediate assistant of the EC
-Directly supervises all operational activities
-In charge of certain administrative work such as duty rosters, evaluation of his/her immediate subordinates, coordination for function set ups, or special promotional setups.

Sous Chef
-Commonly in charge of an outlet kitchen or section
-Run directly the day-to-day of outlet operations
-Directly coordinate with the Executive Sous-Chef
-Responsible for supplies, proper staffing, and food quality -Appraise and interview new staff and recommend promotions and dismissal of staff.

Section Chef – Chef de Partie
-Sauce Cook – Saucier
oPrepares all meat, game, poultry, fish and warm appetizers w/ hot/warm sauces -Broiler Cook - Rotisseur
oAll grilled dishes, roasts, and dishes that are oven roasted or deep-fat fried -A la Carte Cook - Restaurteur
oPrepares al a carte dishes
-Fish Cook - Poissonier
oRelieves the sauce cook from the preparation of fish and seafood dishes -Vegetable Cook - Entrémetier
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