Banning Fast Food: Extemperaneous Speech

Topics: Nutrition, Infomercial, Childhood Pages: 3 (630 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Did you know that economists have estimated in a new study that banning fast food advertisements from children’s television programs would reduce the number of overweight children in the U.S. by 18 percent,. This is from an article titled TV Ads Contribute to Childhood Obesity, Economists say by Roni Rabyn writing for the New York Times in 2008. The question I am answering today is, Should the government regulate TV advertising directed towards children? The answer is yes the government needs more regulation over TV advertising directed towards children. Today I’m going to tell you how advertisements affect children, what is being done to regulate TV advertisements now and what should be done for more regulation

Starting with the first topic, there are two ways that TV advertisements affect children. The first reason according to Rabyn, is that advertisements promoting fast food restaurants are thought to increase obesity in children.

The researchers found that more time watching fast food commercials raises the risk of obesity. The second reason according to Sandra Calvert author of Children as Consumers in 2008, is that children now days have their own disposable income for and they have influence over their parents purchasing decisions.

Moving to the second topic I’ll tell you some of the regulations that are in place right now. First of all according to the Council of Better Business Bureaus in 2011, The Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative is helping regulate unhealthy food options in advertisements.

The Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative was started in 2006. The purpose of this initiative is to promote healthier lifestyles and healthier eating options to children. The number of participants has grown to 17 including McDonalds and Burger King. There are numerous goals for this initiative but some include: Devoting 100% of child advertising toward healthy food choices. As you’ve probably noticed McDonalds now...

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