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APUSH: Chapter 3 Key Terms

By jps1014778 Oct 22, 2013 496 Words
Key Terms:

Congregationalism- A system of church governance in which every local church congregation is independent

Patriarchy- A social system in which the male is the primary authority figure central to social organization and the central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and control of property, and where fathers hold authority over women and children. It implies the institutions of male rule and privilege, and entails female subordination

“Covenant”- A formal alliance or agreement made by God with a religious community or with humanity in general

Harvard- First American college and training center for Puritan ministers

William and Mary- Joint sovereigns of England.

Town Meetings- Form of direct democratic rule within the colonies

The Great Awakening- A new spirit of religious fervor in the colonies and encouragement to start a new relationship with God. Others started new Churches and sects of religion. Jonathon Edwards was a preacher of the GA (preached Puritan ideas of absolute sovereignty of God, pre-destination, and salvation) and his descriptions of hell scared listeners. There was a division btw "New Light" revivalists and "Old Light" traditionalists. Education caused people to question their religion.


“Visible Saints”- People who viewed the Bible as a contract between God and humans: if humans have faith in God, he will deliver his promises of security and prosperity. Confessing these promises to be true is perceived as an act of faith, which God will honor

Scotch-Irish- Scottish Presbyterians, most numerous new comers, often received coldly. Ruthless in their displacement and suppression of the Indians as they had been with the native Irish Catholics.

Dutch- First made their home in NY and then in Pennsylvania where they became known as the "Pennsylvania Dutch"

“Patroonships”- A landholder in New Netherland who, under Dutch colonial rule, was granted proprietary and manorial rights to a large tract of land in exchange for bringing 50 new settlers to the colony







William and Mary



Town Meetings

The Great Awakening


Visible Saints



B) Although some historians may argue that the statement “Throughout the Colonial period, economic concerns had more to do with the settling of British North America than did religion concerns” is valid, it is clear that it is not because although some of the economic concerns contributed to the settling of British North America it is clear that the religious concerns played a more major part in the settling because of things like congregationalism, scotch-irish, and The Great Awakening.

1. Congregationalism is basically a system of church governance in which every local church congregation is independent, showing the emphasis religion had in British North American colonies.

2. The scotch-irish were Scottish Presbyterians, most numerous newcomers, often received coldly, they were originally part of the Irish catholics showing how there were many different religious influences on the settling of British North American colonies.

3. The Great Awakening was the most significant event that impacted the settling of the British North American colonies.

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