Ap Human Geo Chapter 1 Notes

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Human Geography
* Fieldwork- go out in the field and see what people are doing, observe how people’s actions and reactions vary across space * Summary of Field Note: Kenya full of fertile farmland but many are hungry. Why don’t they grow food for themselves? Most of Kenya is owned by foreigners and Kenya needs the foreign revenue * Human geography- how people make places, how we organize space and society, how we interact with each other in places and across space, and how we make sense of others and ourselves in our localities, regions, and the world * 200 countries, diverse world

* Globalization- set of processes that are increasing interactions, deepening relationships, and heightening interdependence without regard to country borders; set of outcomes felt from these global processes * What happens at other scales (individual, local, regional, national) helps create the process of globalization and shape the outcomes of globalization/change human geography * Human geography-the study of human phenomena on Earth

* Physical geography- the study of physical phenomena on Earth * Spatial arrangement- how things are laid out, organized, arranged on Earth, how they appear on landscape * Spatial distribution maps to find a pattern

* Medical geography- mapping distribution of a disease (can find cause) * 1854 Dr. John Snow mapped cases of cholera
* Pandemic- worldwide outbreak of a disease
* Dr. Snow mapped area’s water pumps and marked residence of cholera victims * -most died around a Soho water pump, they removed the handle and the deaths fell to nearly zero * Epidemic- regional outbreak of a disease

* Spatial perspective -> understand how certain events lead up to our history is important * -understand change over time, change across time
* Immanuel Kant, German philosopher, we need to focus on not only particular phenomena but also time + space (history + geography), spatial perspective * Spatial perspective-multiple phenomena (from political elections to gay neighborhoods) * Geography Educational National Implemation Project- bring together subfields of human geography + teach about geography THE FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY

1. Location- how the geographical position of things affect what happens Location theory- seeks answers to wide range of questions
2. Human environment- humans affecting the environment
3. Region- features concentrated in certain areas
4. Place- places have unique human and physical characteristics Sense of place- infusing place with meaning and emotion based on experiences Perception of places- infusing place with meaning and emotion but never being there (based on other sources 5. Movement- mobility of people goods, ideas across the surface of the planet -expression of interconnectedness of places

Spatial interaction- between places depends on 1. Distances (measured physical space) 2. Accessibility- ease of reaching an area 3. Transportation and communication connectivity- degree of linkage between locations * Landscape- material character of a place, complex natural features, human structures, other tangible objects * Cultural landscape- visible imprint of human activity on landscape (coined by Carl Sauer) * Derwent Whittlesey said sequence occupance- sequential imprints of occupants whose impacts are layered one on top of another * Ex. Dar es Salaam (the Tanzanian city) -> Arabs, Germans, British, Asians (take over/migrate), all change the city * Pierce Lewis believes our human landscape is our autobiography * Cartography- art/science of making maps

* Reference maps- shows locations of places and geographic features * Thematic maps- tell stories; degree of some attribute, movement of a geographic phenomenon * Absolute location- precise coordinates of things

* Global positioning system (GPS)- allows us to locate things * Geocaching- hobby GPS...
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