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By surajy Jan 16, 2013 300 Words
The advantages and disadvantages of multimedia
There are a couple of advantages and disadvantages to using multimedia in communication. I’m only going to a list a few important ones below. If you are interested to know more, visit one of the given websites by just following the links.

It is very user-friendly. It doesn’t take much energy out of the user, in the sense that you can sit and watch the presentation, you can read the text and hear the audio. •It is multi sensorial. It uses a lot of the user’s senses while making use of multimedia, for example hearing, seeing and talking. •It is integrated and interactive. All the different mediums are integrated through the digitisation process. Interactivity is heightened by the possibility of easy feedback. •It is flexible.Being digital, this media can easily be changed to fit different situations and audiences. •It can be used for a wide variety of audiences, ranging from one person to a whole group. Disadvantages:

Information overload. Because it is so easy to use, it can contain too much information at once. •It takes time to compile. Even though it is flexible, it takes time to put the original draft together. •It can be expensive. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, multimedia makes use of a wide range of resources, which can cost you a large amount of money. •Too much makes it unpractical. Large files like video and audio has an effect of the time it takes for your presentation to load. Adding too much can mean that you have to use a larger computer to store the files. •In case you want to upload it onto the Internet, there are a few factors to keep in mind, for example bandwidth and the user’s abilities.

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