Topics: Government, Earned Income Tax Credit, Taxation in the United States Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: April 24, 2013
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April 6, 2013
Benefit Types Checkpoint
The United Way is an agency that helps families out in ways to improve their current living situations by various programs. It is the leadership and support organization for the network of nearly 1,800 community-based United Ways in 40 countries and territories. We advance the common good by focusing on improving education, helping people achieve financial stability, and promoting healthy lives, and by mobilizing millions of people to give, advocate, and volunteer to improve the conditions in which they live. The United Way has done extraordinary work to improve people’s lives and build strong communities. With our focus on community impact, United Way has a key role to play in advocating for good public policy. Without community input, our priorities in Education, Income and Health will lose critical government policy and funding support. The United Way provides different expert services in order to help low income families achieve things that they thought was not possible. The organization also provides positive discrimination for families to help them have the understanding of the things that have lead them to this point in life. The United Way helps others with government grants to help fund education and housing issues. The United Way has volunteers and donations to help with the families such as helping with education, healthy living, and financial problems. This is one way the United Way system’s 10-year income goal is to cut in half the number of lower-income families who are financially unstable. By 2018, 82% of families with one or two parents working 50 or more weeks (combined) during the previous year and incomes less than 250% of the federal poverty level will spend less than 40%of their income on housing, down from 64% in 2006.To accomplish this goal, United Way will focus on the following policy priorities: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA), Emergency Food and Shelter Program, Earned Income...
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