A Walk To Remember

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Angelica Marie B. Pelaez 4A5 SCL9
1. What salient point struck you most regarding the meaning of true love? The point in the movie that struck me the most regarding the meaning of true love is that when you love someone, you would do everything and anything just to make sure that the person you love will be happy and loved always. It is true in the movie when Landon did his best to show how much he loved Jamie although Jamie was not her ideal girl and she was going to die soon and leave him forever. Landon changed for the better when he came to love Jamie. He realized that the most important thing for him was their love for each other.

2. Cite situations in the film which reflects the element of true love. * Landon changed his bad behavior and habits. He believed that it would make him to be worthy of Jamie’s love. *Landon stood up for Jamie’s sake against his friends. Although he knew that some of them would criticize him, he still did it for her. *Landon tried to fulfill all of Jamie’s wishes which she could never do because of her illness. *Although Landon did not have a good relationship with his father, he still asked for his help to cure Jamie. *Landon married Jamie despite the fact that she would die soon. *Although years has passed, Landon still hold on to his promise to love Jamie forever

3. What lesson can you derive from the movie?
The movie teaches me that loving someone is not all about happiness. It is also about the sufferings and challenges that a couple should face together in order to let their love last forever. A person would not be afraid to suffer and feel pain because he/she knows that the joy and affection he/she gets from loving someone is greater than those. Also, once a person learns how to truly love, he/she would be more than willing to fully accept the other one despite of her/his shortcomings as a person and as a partner. He/she would understand and care for her/him until the end. A true love means that...
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