A View from the Bridge Notes

Topics: Law, Law of the United States, Gender role Pages: 7 (2290 words) Published: May 4, 2013
A View From The Bridge – note

Themes: Allegiance to community law, psychosexual development, womanhood, homosexuality, gender roles, change

Gender roles/ womanhood/psychosexual development – Characters in this story all go through a change due to the course of the events 1. Eddie – From a position of power to a position where he is unable to control what others around him does, he is no longer in control. Man with traditional beliefs, Beginning

* “My brother. Rodolfo (Rodolfo nods. Marco comes with a certain formal stiffness to Eddie) I want to tell you now, Eddie – when you say go, we will go” – They have respect to Eddie and the “formal stiffness” that Marco has shows his respect, Eddie is in a position of power. Story progresses

* “Unconsciously twisting the newspaper into a tight roll… it suddenly tears in two” – As the story progresses, tensions are built between Rodolfo/Catherine/Eddie and eddie is beginning to lose control of the situation. Use of “unconsciously” suggests that at a subconscious level, Eddie realizes his loss of control and is beginning to feel agitated, unable to suppress his emotions. The word “suddenly” suggests that he had no control over the tear, further suggesting this loss of control (Tension built)(relationship with Catherine) * “He [Eddie]  reaches out suddenly, draws her [Catherine]  to him, and as she strives to free herself, he kisses her on the mouth” – His longing for Catherine’s affection is shown and he is no longer to suppress that emotion. Links to how Beatrice says he can never have her. His true intentions are exposed. (Obsession with Catherine) End

* “Little bits of laughter even escape him [Eddie] as his eyes are murderous and he cracks his knuckles in his hands with a strange sort of relaxation” - Eddie has lost his mind, and his deteriorating mental faculties is shown by the multitude of emotions that he feels with his murderous eyes, he laughs and even seems relaxed. The true nature of Eddie is shown. He no longer needs to suppress his feelings and finally shows it. “little bits of laughter” can also be interpreted metaphorically, as it could symbolize how he is losing bits of himself. Unpredictability. He is on the brink insanity. * “Marco grabs his [Eddie] arm, turning inwards and pressing it home”- Eddie dies by his own knife, by his own hand. Eddie refuses to let Catherine go, He betrays his community and brings the knife to the fight in the first place. EDDIE IS SELF DESTRUCTIVE. * He [Eddie] moves, wanting to beat down her evident disapproval of him - Shows how Eddie is no longer able to stay in power, he is no longer in control of Beatrice. This also shows the violent nature of Eddie, wanting to “beat down’ her. (relationship between Eddie and Beatrice)

Things to talk about/remember with Eddie
a. He has traditional beliefs, men being strong, and family roles. b. He is the tragic hero with the tragic flaw. Obsession of Catherine (incestuous), cannot admit that he is wrong.

2. Catherine – She first starts off as a girl, that is loyal to Eddie, but as the play goes on, she begins to venture into womanhood and she starts to gain independence, causing her to rebel against Eddie and go towards the love she has for Rodolfo. * “She emerges from the bedroom in low heel shoes” – She changes from high-heeled shoes to low heeled shoes at the command of Eddie, showing his dominance over her. “Low heeled shoes” symbolizes her youth and her obedience. * “She instantly turns and walks towards the bedroom, Eddie grabs her arm” – She turns away from Eddie and to Rodolfo, showing her defiance and turns towards Rodolfo. The father figure for her and the person who has her love changes. Freudian theory of psychosexual development – change of father figure. (Catherine and Eddie) * “Teach me. ... I don't know anything, teach me, Rodolpho, hold me” – This represents her loss of innocence, it has sexual connotations and it is...
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