A Time When I Failed

Topics: Psychology, 2008 albums, Failure Pages: 1 (501 words) Published: September 10, 2012
A time when I failed was towards the end of my school year second semester, when in the tenth grade studying for my Honors Biology class. I studied for hours and hours for my EOC that was coming up ad was very getty about how I was taking responsibility of everything. The day of the test I was For sure that I was going to pass without hesitation. Mistakenly I was wrong and my ego and pride literally dropped to the floor once I received the results. I took it really hard with horrible expectations and outputs of what would happen next and sooner than later, which is never the correct thing of handling any kind of situation, I was beating myself up about it and I thought to myself at the beginning, that I was going to fail. Finally after a while I just shooked it off my shoulders and said to myself, "Look, things happen for a reason. Even though I thought I did well but I didn't, all it means is that I have to just push myself harder and try again. Besides, it can only get better from here!” So again I studied and studied every night like it was my ritual, until I would fall asleep in my books. Days later after all other exams were finished; it was time for me to prepare myself for the retake of my Honors Biology Exam. Though I was sweating from the top of my head and was a nervous wreck because I didn’t know what would exactly happen next, I was able to still pay attention, focus and remember exactly what I had studied. Happily it all paid off after the second time around, and all stress that I had on me was washed away. Though it took me twice to conquer, I was ecstatic a proud of myself. Through the process I learned to not always look for the worst, and instead just keep pushing yourself to the full potential I know I'm destined for. I learned that even real champs have trials and tribulations, but it is never the case to give up and expect the worst to happen. I learned that I am my own biggest critic and only I can hold my self down from succeeding what I...
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