A Stylistics Analysis of Sons and Lovers

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A Stylistics Analysis of Sons and Lovers
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In this essay, I mainly talk about the author, D.H.Lawrence and his works. And I also give a brief analysis of Sons and Lovers. 二.Key words: Sons and Lovers, analysis
1. Brief account of the author of the passage
David Herbert Lawrence is one of the major novelists of the English tradition He was born at Eastwood, England, in 1885, the fourth child of a collier father and a genteel mother. The first important period of his life ended with the death of his mother in 1910. The next phase began with his meeting Frieda Weekley Richthoften, wife of a former professor mother of three. His major works include : The White Peacock published in 1911; love poems and Sons and Lovers published in 1915; Women in love in 1920; Mornings in Mexico in 1927 etc. He died of TB at Vence, France in 1930.

Lawrence became a powerful influence in literature during the 1920s. During the last year of the his life, there was great controversy and clamor regarding the merit of his writings, and even after his death, there was a literary“ wars” of the reviews , in praise and abuse of Lawrence. 2. Brief account of the passage

1) The outline of Chapter 8“strife in love” of Sons and Lovers Mrs. Morel, Paul’s mother tells him in a moment of jealous passion, that she has “never really had a husband”. Unconsciously, Mrs. Morel arouses sexual emotions in Paul and by her intense possessiveness , she makes it impossible for Paul to feel a normal, sexual desire for Miriam. She turns the boy Paul into a man full of deep spiritual love for her. 2) The brief account of the two paragraphs abstracted from Chapter 8 When Paul saw Miriam off, his mother, Mrs. Morel felt very torn because she worried about Miriam’s taking Paul away from her. On the other hind, Paul came home from with Miriam exhausted and angry. Paul knew that he was being cruel to Miriam and that he was unhappy with their...

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