Characters Of Stasiland

Topics: East Germany, Communism, Socialism, West Germany, Stasi / Pages: 4 (871 words) / Published: Mar 25th, 2015
Explores and re-tells stories from ex Stasi men, and victims of the Stasi
Explores through human stories the separation of east and west Germany
Experiences sympathy for victims as well as all Germans who lived through two tremendous events within a small space of time
She has an outsiders perspective not experiencing the feelings of those times personally

Story inspires Funder to write the text.
Funder can explain themes and explore ideas through Miriam’s character and story.
It is through Miriam that Funder can illustrate the ridiculous and dangerous pride of the Stasi.
Miriam is a metaphor for carrying many scars. “Her palms are crazed with definite white scars.”
Strong willed, jeopardise personal wellbeing for others.
Long lasting mental damage caused by the Stasi, not liking confined spaces, took doors off
Unable to let go of her past (Charlie’s death)
She was sixteen when she became an enemy of the state
She shares many political views on the stasi

She is Anna’s land lord
Misunderstood by the stasi
Struggles to let go of her past, always returning back to her old apartment, retrieving love letters
The psychological damage has caused Julia to not be able to make commitments.
Lost the ability to trust others.
Struggled to find employment due to what the Stasi had done
Reminds Anna of herself on an alternate timeline.
Tried to starve herself after series of unfortunate events

Frau Paul:
Funder explores courage and the consequences of courage through Frau Paul. When she refuses to help the Stasi and by doing so she gives up the opportunity to see her son
Shows guilt beyond her control – the wall separating her from her son creates guilt
Son – Torsten was in a west Berlin hospital (5 years)

Klaus Renft:
The only non-Stasi male in the text
Anna’s drinking companion.
Demonstrates the lengths the Stasi would go to in order to maintain control – eliminated his band

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