Paul Is Arrogant. Discuss.

Topics: Peter Goldsworthy, Piano, Anna Goldsworthy Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: September 7, 2011
In Peter Goldsworthy’s novel Maestro, the main character Paul Crabbe who is a young adolescent that narrates the story in two time-spaces as a memoir. First we see him when he is a self-absorbed, selfish arrogant teenager and then when he has matured into a young man. Paul was one of the teenagers that had the feeling of being invincible and believing that he was better than everyone else around him, this being shown through the immaturity, self-absorption and selfishness of him. This image of Paul being a selfish, arrogant boy was reflected with the relationship he had with his piano teacher, Herr Eduard Keller, and the way he treated the people around him. ‘I became determined to expose Eduard Keller as the War Criminal I suspected he was.’ Paul shows his immaturity and ignorance by suggesting that Keller is a War Criminal and makes assumptions of things that he can’t prove. Paul Crabbe had been spoilt by his parents while he was growing up and quite possibly was the reason of his vain attitude. “Here’s to talent… properly harnessed.’ The parents of Paul have given him too much motivation that he is “talented” that he believes he is the best pianist.

Paul’s self-absorption and selfish attitude is more obvious in his relationship with Keller. At first music had been seen to be the only thing they both had in common but it caused the differences between Keller and Paul. The natural arrogance that grew inside of Paul rejects Keller and the way he teaches the piano and fails to accept his unique take on several composers. After one lesson, after a session of Keller’s forceful criticism, Paul “ran away, tears streaking from his eyes,” leading Paul to call him a ‘Nazi’. Paul also feels insulted when Keller has him play “Children’s Bach,” a piece he believed he mastered as a child. On their parting as student and teacher, Keller finally opens up to Paul, telling him of his past mistakes, however, Paul chose to leave Keller, to go on a date with Rosie. Finally,...
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