A Study on Different Family Education Between America and China

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A Study on Different Family Education
Between America and China
Abstract: Children are the hopes of a nation. Children education is the fundamental method of child’s development. Family education is one of most important form of education.It plays a significant role in the formation of child’s thinking mode and world view.This paper gives a comparative study on the family education between America and China from its purpose,content,method , result and reasons for differences. After comparison, the paper gives some reasons for these differences. Finally, the paper puts forward some suggestions for Chinese family education.

Key words: Chinese, American, family education, children, difference

1. Research purpose
According to a research, 80% of damage to children is from family1. Children are the hopes of a nation. Children’s development is most important to each country. It is necessary to do the paper in order to learn some strength. In this way, we can avoid teaching children in the wrong way. I hope that through the comparison silo-American family education, our Chinese family can learn from American strong points to offset our weakness.

2. Research methods
I did this paper by many methods. I went to the library to find some books and newspapers about this topic. And I also looked for information. Besides, I interviewed one teacher and two students about family education.

3. Research findings

3.1 The differences of family education between America and China 3.1.1 The different aims of family education
The aim of family education like a steering wheel, if you don’t control it well, the car will be go to the wrong road or event attack another car. Of course, if the aim of family education is wrong, the child will not grow healthily. So the aim of family education is the core of family education and the fundamental reason for the differences between the two countries on family education.

In China, most parents want their children to have a bright future. They hope that their children would become the helpful person to make contribution to the society. They can do anything to support their children to get high marks. In America, the parents also hope the children can do lots for the nation, but they pay much attention to the children’s individual development. They want the children to be an independent person at first.

Because of different aim, Chinese children and American children have different ability. Chinese children may have an outstanding ability in test, while American children would like thinking and practice.

3.1.2 The different methods of family education
The methods of family education are the concrete measure of education contents. The choices of which education methods are connected closely to a nation’s custom, culture and history.

I saw a film Gua Sha Treatment2, I was impressed by a scene that Datong ordered his son to apologize to his boss’s son when his saw his son was fighting with his boss’s son. However, he slapped his son when his son refused to apologize, which gave his boss a shock. His boss became confused why Datong would show the regret to him by striking his son. From this we can know that most Chinese parents educate children by “control” and “seal” type. On the contrary, in America, the main method of family education is democracy and equality. American parents believe that the children have a right to express their own thinking. And they always respect their children. So America children have more rights of autonomy.

In addition, in china the children don’t have to do any things, their only one responsibility is to make the study better, because parents have a strict attitude to children’s study. In general, in American families, parents pay much attention to learning rather than study. They think children’s “heart” is much more important than study. They hope their children could learn by happy way even in play, as Stuart Brown...
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