Chinese Family Vs American Family Analysis

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The Different Values Between Chinese Families and American Families Chinese families and American families have big impact in their children’s lives. Chinese families as well as American families value education. Chinese and American family feel family is important to them, but they have differences in the way they treat education, money, and how they treat family. The reason why American families believe education is important for their kids because they, as parents are responsible for their children’s educations. Researchers have understood that parents involvement in their children’s lives helps their children to do better in school and throughout their lives. The article “Family Engagement in Early Childhood Education Through High School Years” discusses that …show more content…
Chinese families enjoy being around each other by having family gatherings. Culture is very important to Chinese families because they take their traditions very seriously. This is why Chinese families take the time to engage with their loved ones. Chinese families make sure they practice their traditions on a regular basis with their loved ones and friends. They also teach their children about their traditions and how to speak Chinese so that their children can apply it to their education and their lives. Most Chinese kids pick up early how to speak Chinese and embrace their culture and traditions. Chinese families instill manners in their children to prepare their children for the real world. Finally, Chinese families and American families have many different values. They are education, money, and family. Both Chinese families and American families believe family is important to them. While Chinese families are different from American families, Americans should learn family values from Chinese families. If Americans learn from Chinese families, they can better understand Chinese

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