A Study of Factors Affecting on Men’s Skin Care Products Purchasing, Particularly in Karlstad, Sweden

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Karlstad University

A Study of Factors Affecting on Men’s Skin Care Products Purchasing, Particularly in Karlstad, Sweden

A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree of Master of Business Administration School of Graduate Studies

Master Thesis – One year program (FEAD 01) Karlstad University Academic Year 2010

Thesis Advisors:
Per Skålén Sofia Molander

Chanintorn Moungkhem 860119-T219 Jiraporn Surakiatpinyo 860926-T204

Karlstads universitet 651 88 Karlstad Tfn 054-700 10 00 Fax 054-700 14 60 Information@kau.se www.kau.se

A Study of Factors Affecting on Men’s Skin Care Products Purchasing

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ABSTRACT This study examines in some depth the influences of marketing mix, social factors, emergence of the metrosexual, evolution of femininity and masculinity, self-esteem and customer decision making on the male consumer behavior in purchasing skin care products in Sweden, particular in Karlstad. In do so, the theories of masculinity and femininity, customer behavior theory, customer decision making’s theory, theory of metrosexual and theory of the four Ps in marketing mix strategy are employed as a theoretical framework and also adapted with theory of the self esteem involvement. It also endeavors to find out the reasonable impacts of perception on the relationship between variables and consumer behaviors. A questionnaire was developed and distributed to men who are in the age range between 15-45 years old and living in Karlstad, Sweden. The total sample consists of 94 respondents. Further, the returned questionnaires were analyzed by using factor analysis, correlation and path analysis in SPSS version 16.0. The results of the study indicated that the numbers of ‘men who use skin care products’ and ‘who do not use’ is not so much different. Most of male customers who using skin care products reveal that, the main reasons behind their using skin care products are for improving skin, personal care, attractiveness and self confident orderly. As a result, principally men’s skin care products purchasing obtain the effects of the interaction between their personal demographics and attitude, the emergence of metrosexual and marketing mix (especially quality and attribute of products, price, product’s ingredient, product brand and package of products). In contrast with men who do not use skin care products, there are two main reasons behind. Firstly products are not necessary in their point of view. Secondly this kind of products is expensive and lavish.

Keywords: metrosexual, men’s skin care product, self-esteem, masculinity, men’s beauty care consumption, buying decision process, marketing mix,

A Study of Factors Affecting on Men’s Skin Care Products Purchasing

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This research has been accomplished with the contributions and encouragements from many people. We would like to express our gratitude to all supports. Without these supports we would have had a tough time. Firstly, big thanks are addressed to our thesis advisors at Karlstad University, Professor Per Skålén and Sofia Molander. Their knowledge and help has really been useful while making this thesis such their kind encouragements, generosity, and patience in providing valuable comments and recommendations on every earlier draft. Without them, this research would not have been successfully carried out. The deep appreciations are also addressed towards all the people who had read and gave the information and advice that have made this thesis possible. Finally we would like to thanks all representative individuals in Karlstad city who had answered to our questionnaire.

Chanintorn Moungkhem Jiraporn Surakiatpinyo

A Study of Factors Affecting on Men’s Skin Care Products Purchasing

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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION .......................................................................................... 8 1.1 Background and problem of the...

References: Conseur A. A. (2004), Factors influencing the emergence of the metrosexual. Dean of the Graduate School, University of Georgia
Dalgic, T
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