A Speech of Hello Kitty

Topics: Hello Kitty, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: April 9, 2011
Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today, I’m honor to stand here to give you a speech. First of all, I want to show u something. By looking at this bow, what will remind you? A necktie? a nice gift? or a lovely little girl? As for me, it will make me think of this, my favorite cartoon character, her name is Hello Kitty. I believe that everyone knows her; maybe now you are surrounding by her. But, did you know that Kitty was modeling for the Dior brand in Vogue? Have you ever heard about that Bill .Gettys once willing to pay 56 billion dollars to take over Hello Kitty’s ownership? Today, I’m goanna to tell you more about this pop cat.

Hello kitty, name kitty white, was born on November 1st 1974, in London. She weighs the same as 3 apples, and height as five apples. In 2008, come through of three designers, kitty is almost 34 years old. The first product by Sanrio of hello kitty appeared as a small plastic coin purse in 1974. And then, she’s legend begin. Why we called her as a legend? That’s because different from dorla-a-mom and mickey mouse, hello kitty just a merchandize, without any support in movies or cartoon. However, she still becomes one of the most powerful brands in the world. Now, she has more than 50,000 different products sold in 60 nations, and earned for her company more than 5 billion dollars annually. Without any doubt, she must be the most valuable cat in the world.

People are crazy in love of kitty. In Japan, there have a taxi company use hello kitty as their prolocutor. For protect kitty’s reputation, all the staff is nonsmoking woman. Moreover, in Taiwan, she also made a history that sold 50,000 telephone cards in five minutes and in ten months there were almost 400,000 people apply for hello kitty’s credit cards. You know, there also including my mother and my aunt. Many people doubt that why hello kitty will so popular in the world. There have no limit between her fans. No matter the children or the adult, woman or man...
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