A Scream Across The Sky

Topics: Weather, Rain, Cloud Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: December 8, 2014
Quentin Sathasivam

It was a typical cloudy, rainy and bone chilling day in Manchester, England. All the weather reports called for dangerous winds and drastic flooding. Like any other person that lived in England I knew this was just an ordinary day not expecting the worst. I step outside and start my day like always, with a nice jog around Old Trafford staring in awe every day of the monumental stadium. Today was different because it seemed as if I was the only one outside crazy enough to test Mother Nature. Minding my own business I continue running and this epic downpour of rain hits my head, one I have never felt before. Quickly the streets begin to flood and the traffic lights start whipping back and forth. Finally I hear this terrifying scream come across the sky and knew the weather man must have been right for once. The sky now turns into a blackish grey color with a circle forming with the clouds. I look around desperately to see if any store is open hopefully for me to stay in but of course I am the only one dumb enough to be outside. The historic black fences that surrounded Old Trafford had come off the ground and I thought my life was over. I have never turned around and sprinted back to my apartment faster than I did that hectic day. Fortunately for me several hours later the police had restricted anyone from going outside after learning the storm would be here for the next several days. Seeing my life flash right before my eyes taught me to never doubt the abilities of any weather man especially one in England!
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